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Four Things an Enneagram 4 Needs While Reading

Welcome to the first of Fae Crate's Enneagram Type blog series!

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that has gained popularity in recent years, and at Fae Crate, we believe that understanding your type can enhance your reading experience. We're passionate about all things bookish, and we want to explore how your Enneagram type can influence your reading preferences and habits. In this blog series, we'll share some recommendations that are tailored to your type, whether you're a fantasy lover, a romance junkie, or a mystery enthusiast.

Get ready to discover how your personality type can unlock a whole new world of reading possibilities!

As an Enneagram 4, reading is not just a hobby, it's a way of life. You love diving into fictional worlds and experiencing deep emotional connections with the characters. However, to fully immerse yourself in a book, you need the right ambiance. To help you set the mood for the perfect romanticized reading experience, here are four things an Enneagram 4 needs while reading.

The Perfect Seat

A romanticized reading session starts with the perfect seat.

As an Enneagram 4, you value aesthetics and comfort, so your seat needs to be both visually pleasing and cozy. A comfortable armchair or a window seat with a view can provide the ideal reading spot.

For instance, imagine curling up in the armchair by the window with a blanket and a book in hand, watching the raindrops on the windowpane while reading Fae Crate’s latest monthly inclusion.

A Beverage to Match the Mood

As an Enneagram 4, you're attuned to your emotions, and the right beverage can help set the mood for your reading experience.

A cup of tea, hot chocolate, or a glass of wine can enhance your reading experience and transport you to a different world.

For example, if you're reading the swoon-worthy Fated Fae series, a glass of red wine or a steaming cup of rose petal tea might be the perfect complement, whereas a cup of hot chocolate might be better suited for a favorite cozy reread like Heartstopper.

Something Romantic Yet Cozy for Getting Lost in the Mood

As an Enneagram 4, you're drawn to romance and beauty, so having something romantic yet cozy can elevate your reading experience.

A scented candle or fairy lights can add a warm and magical ambiance to your reading nook. Additionally, having a cozy throw or fluffy pillow can make your reading experience more comfortable and inviting.

Imagine reading the dark romance of Court Legacywhile cozied up with a velvet pillow, the scent of old books and whiskey wafting in the air as your candle flickers beside you, catching on the luxurious stamped edges.

All the Cozy Accessories

Finally, as an Enneagram 4, you appreciate the little details, so having all the cozy accessories can enhance your reading experience. A reading lamp, a bookmark, and a notebook for jotting down notes or thoughts can make your reading experience more enjoyable.

With FaeCrate's monthly boxes, you'll also get some fun bookish accessories like bookmarks, pins, and prints that can add to the overall reading experience and help you bring your bookish aesthetic into your everyday life.

We know–as an Enneagram 4, your reading experience is all about the ambiance. And we love it! By having the perfect seat, beverage, cozy items, and reading accessories, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of your book. Because every day deserves to feel special. Whatever you're reading, make sure to set the mood right for an unforgettable reading experience, and take a look at our current listings to build your bookish paradise.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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