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An Adult Exclusive Edition Print Line by Fae Crate

Opus will feature EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition print runs of books that fall under the Adult and New Adult genres, which will include but not limited to romance, sci-fi and fantasy! We’ve teamed up with some amazing authors and incredible artists to bring the most beautiful editions to your shelves! The word Opus itself means a separate collection of works of art by an artist/composer/author and all of these books will each be their own masterpieces!

This is not a subscription! Opus will release Exclusive Editions periodically throughout the year same as our YA editions, these will just be designated as Adult books!

✨The Opus Collection will include books only (unless otherwise stated- so no merch).

✨These books will come with all of the bells and whistles of the exclusive editions you’ve come to love from us including stamped edges, foiling, exclusive artwork, new covers, signed books and more! They are also mixes between new releases AND old! 

✨ Active Fae Crate subscribers (Seelie/Unseelie) will also have Early Access to all Opus Collections sales!

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Beneath the Mask Exclusive Book Set
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Monsters & Muses Exclusive Book Set
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Keri Lake Collection
Sale Off
WITSEC Exclusive Book Set
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Tattered Curtains Exclusive Book Set
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Duskwalker Brides Exclusive Book Set
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Deal of Shadows Exclusive Book Set
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Curse of the Gods Exclusive Book Set
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Note: Opus physical print runs have a contractual agreement between Fae Crate and the author

with a royalties/payout process for all books printed. We believe in supporting our authors and making sure they

benefit every bit as much from our collaborations as we do!