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Keeping up with Fae Crate

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Well hello gentlefriends and welcome to the Fae Crate Portal

Here you will find anything from monthly themes to announcements to 

book recommendations and more!  Happy reading, and as always.. 

We look forward to living a thousand lives with you!

Current Theme
August 2021
August Theme: Ties That Bind This month, we are focusing on the "Ties That Bind". This theme is for the fandoms and characters that find their fates through those they are bonded to. Representing our...
July 2021
July Theme: Opposites Attract Are you a fan of books where opposing characters (whether in personality or beliefs) end up...
June 2021
June Theme: With Great Power These crates feature characters that must learn how to use power, whether they want it...
May 2021
May Theme: Seeker of Fate Attention all Fae Followers: Odin, All-Father, god of wisdom, death, divination, and magic, is making...
Hot Fae Summer
It’s time for a HOT FAE SUMMER y’all! This summer I want to read and reread all the hottest Fae...
Plan your dream beach vacay and we'll give you a book rec!
Summer is here! For many of us this year, that means we are beginning to venture out and travel a...

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Currently Reading
High Lady Book Recs

The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our place in the pages those pages leave their marks on us. Quote from Jay Kristoff, Nevernight