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Current Theme
February 2021
February Theme: Across the Divide Pack your bags Fae people, for we are going Across the Divide for February crates. These crates are dedicated to the books that cross boundaries, time and space. The books that...
January 2021
January Theme:  Bending the Rules "She bent most rules. She broke the rest." Fae peeps! 2021 is just around the...
December Theme: Hunted Hunter - a person who searches for or seeks something. 🏹 The end of 2020 is coming...
November Theme: Catalyst Catalyst- the turning point of a story, the final straw that makes a character snap, the character...
Celebrate Trans Voices
Now and always lets celebrate Trans & Non-Binary voices. Now more than ever we have to show our love and...
Going on an Adventure Author Panel: Kiersten White, Adalyn Grace, & Swearingen Durham
We are "GOING ON AN ADVENTURE" in this week's panel with authors Kiersten White, Adalyn Grace, & Swearingen Durham! Were...

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