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Jem Carstairs Plushie
Jem Carstairs Plushie
It’s been a long time coming, but today is the day! Thank you to everyone who participated and casted their votes in the recently concluded Shadowhunter Plushie Showdown in collaboration with @cassieclare1!

We are so thrilled to announce that the ultimate winner of the Shadowhunter Plushie Showdown is… 🥁drum roll🥁… JEM CARSTAIRS!

We have worked with Cassie’s amazing team to make this happen and we are so excited to be able to get this little guy to you soon! Take note of the sale dates below so you can secure one of these adorable plushies:

🗓️ Early Access (Active Seelie & Unseelie subscribers) - April 23rd, 6pm EST
🗓️ Public Sale - April 24th, 5pm EST

Estimated ship date is June/July 2024. Mark your calendars and set your alarms! 😉✨