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Eternal Obsession Exclusive Book Set
Eternal Obsession Exclusive Book Set

We’re so thrilled to announce that our next Opus collection is an Exclusive Edition Set of the Eternal Obsession Duet by Maggie Sunseri! This collection will include Stalked by Seduction and Shadows and the upcoming sequel, Taken by Touch and Torment! This is a dark fantasy duet perfect for those who are into:

🥀 Morally gray and possessive heroes
🥀 Seductress heroines
🥀 Vampires and shadow daddies + shadow play 😉
🥀 Witchy besties
🥀 Stalker fantasy romances with high spice
🥀 Stalker–but as in he furnishes your entire apartment when he sees you don’t have many belongings

What to expect with this Exclusive Edition Collection:

✨ Exclusive all-new covers by @gabriella.bujdoso
✨ Exclusive hardcover emboss artworks by @ungfio
✨ Digitally printed page edges designed by @gabriella.bujdoso
✨ End page designs by @aeshrionn (different pieces on each page end)
✨ Signed tip-in pages

Each set will also come with a decorative boxed set packaging with artwork complementing the books inside. This will keep the books safe during shipping until they arrive at your doorstep!

🗓 EARLY ACCESS: June 20 at 5pm EST

Active Seelie & Unseelie Subscribers who did not skip our upcoming June 15th renewal. Non-qualifying orders will be cancelled and refunded.

🗓 PUBLIC SALE: June 21st at 5pm EST

These are sold as PRE-ORDERS and are estimated to ship in November/December 2024. Don’t forget to set your alarms so you won’t miss out!


  1. This Opus collection may contain sensitive themes. Please check content warnings to see if these books are up your alley.
  2. These books will be packaged in a decorative slipcase for protection purposes only. That slipcase will not qualify for replacement as this is just to keep the books safe during shipping (✨in style✨). For more information on our Damage Guidelines, you can find that here.