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Plan your dream beach vacay and we'll give you a book rec!

Summer is here! For many of us this year, that means we are beginning to venture out and travel a bit again. No matter where you go or what you read this summer, we’re wishing you all the best! 

Our top vacation tips are:

1. Don’t forget sunscreen--and reapply it

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Hand sanitizer and masks are still your friends

4. Plan for some downtime so you aren’t too exhausted to enjoy yourself

5. Always pack an extra book--just in case

Build your dream summer beach trip below! Keep track of how many of each letter answer you score. At the end, you’ll get a rec based on which letter you chose most!

1. Where would you like to vacation?

a. Lake

b. Ocean

c. Cruise

2. What activity is a must-do?

a. Jet Ski Riding

b. Sand Volleyball

c. Sunbathing

3. Where are you staying? 

a. A house

b. A rented condo/hotel

c. A cruise ship...

4. You take a mini trip! What are you doing?

a. Camping

b. Shopping and a concert

c. Snorkeling

5. What’s your go-to drink? 

a. Whatever’s in my can--soda, sparkling water--it’s koozie season

b. A huge jug of water. Hydration is key in the hot sun.

c. Coconut water--straight from a coconut

6. What souvenir are you bringing home?

a. What souvenir?

b. Seashells

c. A coffee mug

7. Who are you traveling with? 

a. My friends

b. My friends & family

c. My family



What books are you planning to read this summer, and where are you planning to read them? 

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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Taylor, Social Media Assistant
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Published On: 
June 7, 2021

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