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Fae Crate How to Get Rid of a Reading Slump

Do you ever find yourself not reading for days? Weeks or months? 

Do you have trouble reading more than a few pages of the book? 

You may be in a reading slump, and that's okay. They happen to every reader, just remember sometimes the best tip is to take a break from reading and binge watch Netflix, hang out with friends, or writing may be the best solution to get rid of a reading slump. 

It's just as important to remember it’s okay if you don't read 20 books a month or every free second of the day. All readers are still valid, we are all united by our love for books.

Below, you will find our tips to get back into reading..

1. Re-read your favorite book.

Try to re-discover your love for reading by rereading an old favorite. It is always fun to revisit your book character friends. Personally this trick works best when I re-read a book that makes me laugh, or brings memories that make me remember my love for reading.

It's hard to recommend favorite books since they are so personal, but here are some of our old favorites:

2. Read something funny.

Maybe you got into the reading slump because the book you were currently reading had characters or a plot that seemed to go nowhere. Well, the best solution for that is to have a good laugh and to have fun while reading. 

Book Recommendations:  

3. Read a book you are really excited about.

This is a tricky situation because sometimes the book is not worth the hype, but if you have a friend, booktuber, or bookstagrammer whose taste is similar to yours and they enjoyed it then your chances of liking the book are increased exponentially. 

Here are some books that we are really excited about:

4. Make time to read.

Sometimes it is easy to get distracted by other things in life or maybe you feel guilty reading when you have piles of homework, work, or things to do around the house. But self-care is important and taking time for yourself to do things you enjoy is also a priority for your mental health.

5. Watch a booktube video or an author interview.

Hearing someone talk passionately about books really helps break that reading slum. I often find myself full of creativity and motivation right after watching a Booktube video or watching an author interview. 

You can find tons of author panels on the Faecrate Youtube channel or tune in live for our Staying in with Faecrate Event. 

Some of our favorite booktubers are:  

6. Listen to an audiobook.

Audiobooks are a game-changer. When I realized I could listen to my books during my commute, cleaning around the house, or doing laundry my reading time increased exponentially. 

Audiobook Recommendations: 

7. Read a graphic novel or a different genre you don't usually read.

Sometimes it helps to explore other genres. If you read mainly YA Fantasy why not explore contemporaries? Or historical fiction or a graphic novel? 

Graphic novel Recommendation:  

8. Listen to a podcast.

Similar to watching a booktube video, listening to a podcast about the process of writing a book, insight of the characters, or hearing authors talk about their journey might motivate you to get back into reading. 

Favorite podcasts:  

Thanks for hanging out with us!

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Written By: 
Michelle, Social Media Assistant
"We Stan."

Published On: 
October 5, 2020