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Welcome to 2020 where Netflix has finally added the greatest show of all time to their catalog: Avatar the Last Airbender. The series explored many concepts rarely touched on in youth entertainment, including issues relating to war, genocide, imperialism and totalitarianism, gender discrimination and female empowerment, marginalization and oppression, as well as the philosophical questions surrounding fate, destiny, and free will. The characters are incredibly complex and well developed,  and I believe that after the grand defeat of the fire nation these incredible characters would need book recommendations for their free time. 

1. Katara & A Song Below Water

Katara’s journey throughout the series is truly a coming of age story of one of the most powerful waterbenders ever. 

A Song Below the water is a lush coming-of-age story in which two sisters find their power. This book truly has everything: Sirens, friendships, magic, love, and a riveting plot.

2. Zuko & Wicked Saints

Zuko’s character arc is one of the greatest character development arc done in a series ever. 

Emily Duncan’s characters in Wicked Saints go through a brutal and thrilling journey. You don’t want to miss this fantasy novel with an explosive and heart-wrenching plot.

3. Aang & Illuminae

Aang’s character is full of contrasts--while he knows how to have fun and likes to play around,  he can be also very wise and determined. 

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is the perfect book for Aang because the format will keep him entertained and even if he wants to move around he can just listen to the audiobook. (Which has a full cast and is excellent!)

4. Uncle Iroh & Grave Mercy

Uncle Iroh enjoys many things. He loves tea, signing, and playing Pai Sho. Through the series, he also gives mini-history lessons to Zuko and that’s why I believe he would enjoy Grave Mercy. 

Let me tell you, Uncle Iroh drinks “respect women juice” and he would love to read about assassin nuns taking charge of their own destiny.

5. Toph & Children of Blood and Bone

Toph would not enjoy a book where the main character is weak and indecisive, she needs a book where the protagonist is strong and determined. 

Children of Blood and Bone is the perfect fantasy book for her, plus it has a great narrator in the audiobook!

6. Sokka & Percy Jackson

Sokka and Percy would be best friends and you cant change my mind. Look at the similarities both are regarded as the jokers and people in their group might not appreciate their full brilliance. 

Let’s not forget Percy comes up with incredible plans, same as Sokka. Yes, they enjoy a joke, but they are both geniuses. Also, Percy Jackson books are full of adventure and I feel like Sokka would enjoy them immensely.

7. Suki & The Winner's Curse

One of my favorite Suki lines is, “I am a warrior, but I'm a girl, too.” 

In the Winner’s Curse, we follow Kestrel who is the general’s daughter so she is expected to know how to fight but she is not the best physical fighter, but what she does have is an incredible strategic brain. She loves pretty dresses and still is a complete badass. I completely feel like Kestrel and Suki would be amazing friends.

8. Azula & The Young Elites

I would give a kidney if we could get an Azula series. Her backstory and her motives are incredibly complex and honestly, I would love to see her side of the story. 

Adelina is the main character of The Young Elites by Mari Lu, which honestly gives me Azula vibes. Let’s be honest we should be extremely scared if they ever met each other. 

What books would you recommend for ATLA crew? 

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Michelle, Social Media Assistant
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Published On: 
October 23, 2020