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Exclusive Book + Cover Reveal

January Theme: Chaos & Fury

We are so excited to reveal that our January theme is “CHAOS & FURY” and these crates are filled with stories of powerful legacies, dark fantasies, and ominous secrets!

Our featured book of the month is the first book in a recently released dark fantasy romance series about a Fae who despises the fate she’s been handed after being chosen to serve the heir to the darkest kingdom in the realm. Forced in servitude, she tries to escape her destiny—only if she escapes her desire to lose herself in temptation first. With meddling gods and dark secrets at play, will they be able to keep their darker wants at bay? (And yes we will be continuing this series after these boxes ship so you’ll want to start your collection here 👀)

This book also features:
🖤 Forced proximity
🖤 He falls first
🖤 Enemies with benefits
🖤 Morally gray Shadow Daddy

These will also be FULL FAE CRATE EXCLUSIVES with:
✨ A stunning EXCLUSIVE ALL-NEW cover with gorgeous dust jacket details by @rosdottir
✨ Exclusive hardcover artwork with foiling accents by @bluelyboo
✨ Exclusive digitally printed page edges by @rosdottir
✨ A signed bookplate

Fandoms for the month include Vicious Faeries, The Hurricane Wars, Sorcery of Thorns, and The Honeys. Our monthly shirt fandom for this month’s Seelie and Solitary Fae (shirt only) Crates is The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi!

NOTE: Heads up! January “Chaos & Fury” crates will be shipping in February as we have adjusted our shipping timelines due to upcoming holiday season closures!

Stunning artwork of our featured book’s leading characters by the amazing @gabriella.bujdoso! Be sure to follow her for more of her works!