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March 2024 Theme

Exclusive Book + Cover Reveal

Coming Soon!

March Theme: Second Chances

We are so delighted to reveal that our March theme is “Second Chances” and these crates are filled with stories of captivating romances, dangerous worlds, and deceitful politics!

Our featured book of the month is a recently released tension-filled page-turner inspired by classic Chinese tropes about a young woman who gets a second chance in taking down the man who betrayed and killed her. Shifting alliances, new dark magic, same old power hungry villain. Can the past be rewritten with trust and love?

You’ll love this book if you’re into:
🗡️ Court intrigue, betrayals, and revenge plots
🗡️ Swoony slow-burn romances (never falling in love again? we’ll see)
🗡️ Badass, brilliant, loveable FMCs

These will also be FULL FAE CRATE EXCLUSIVES with:
✨ An EXCLUSIVE ALL-NEW cover with beautiful jacket details by @razuri_chan
✨ Exclusive hardcover emboss design by @lichen_and_limestone, who also did the typography details on the covers
✨ Exclusive digitally printed page edges
✨ A signed bookplate

Fandoms for the month include Once Upon a Broken Heart, Gideon the Ninth, The Atlas Six, and Spice Road! Our monthly shirt fandom for this month’s Seelie and Solitary Fae (shirt only) Crates is Belladonna by Adalyn Grace!

👉🏻 PLEASE READ: New subscription spots are currently CLOSED. If you’re interested in signing up for a spot, the best way to do it is to join our waitlist! You can find the waitlist link by heading over to Shop > Monthly Boxes and selecting your desired subscription option. Open spots will be given based on the order of when you joined the waitlist.

Stunning artwork of our featured book’s leading characters by the amazing @gabriella.bujdoso! Be sure to follow her for more of her works!

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