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Hello, Fae Fam! Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...

Hey Fae Fam! Over the past years, our community and team have grown so much. We think the moment has finally come for us to do a little re-introduction of who we are and what we do as a company! Read on for more information👇🏻

How did Fae Crate start?

Brittany and Meagan shared a love of the wonder found in books. Brittany ran a small shop and Meagan was a Rep for it, which bonded their friendship even more. Together they spoke of books and dreams and the future and decided they wanted to share their love of Fantasy and Sci-Fi with the world. Thus, Fae Crate was birthed in the magical world of books in March of 2018.

Who all works under Fae Crate?

Since Fae Crate started, our small team has continuously grown in size, adding the most amazing people over the years! We are a team composed of diverse and queer book lovers who share the same passion for celebrating unique stories.

What is the difference between your monthly crates and the Opus Collection?

Monthly crates are tailored book boxes that renew every month. Each box includes a hardback book (traditionally published books within 2 months of its release or indie books released within the past 6 months), and a minimum of 3-5 bookish goodies all focused on a theme for the month. Sometimes, a box will also include a second book! You can choose from different subscription options:

Seelie Crate: Book, merch, and an exclusive monthly shirt
Unseelie Crate: Book & merch only
Solitary Fae Crate: Exclusive monthly shirt only

Opus Collections, on the other hand, feature exclusive limited edition print runs of books that fall outside the scope of our Monthly crates. These will only include books that come mostly in sets with all the bells and whistles of our exclusive editions that you’ve come to love!

Opus is NOT a subscription, but collections are released periodically. Active monthly subscribers will also have Early Access to all sales!

What kinds of books do you include in your monthly boxes?

Fae Crates mainly feature sci-fi and fantasy books. However, every now and then, we also feature genre-adjacent books such as historical fiction, paranormal and dystopian romances, etc. Some examples include The Red Palace and A Crane Among Wolves by June Hur. Additionally, we choose books across YA, upper YA and New Adult (not as heavy in spice as our Opus Collections).

What kinds of books do you include in your Opus Collections?

Opus Collections feature Adult and New Adult fiction with heavy spice and/or sensitive themes. We do our best to dip our toes across all genres, though more oftentimes, we will have a large range of romance: Alien Romance, Monster Romance, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, and more! Our upcoming Opus collections will also include romantic comedies and sports romances too 👀

How often do you move people off the waitlist?

Currently, our Seelie and Unseelie Monthly Crates are on a waitlist system. Each month after renewals (every 15th), we move through a good chunk of the list, so your wait shouldn’t be long! An email invite will be sent to activate your subscriptions and you will have 24 hours to complete the process. We send more waves in the following days until all available spots for the month have already been filled.

To sign up for the waitlist, head over to Shop > Monthly on our website and select your desired subscription option. It’s better to do this before the 15th of each month as we temporarily turn off the waitlist option while we’re activating people after renewals.

I want to skip my monthly box. How can I do that?

Is this month’s box not your cup of tea or you have too many books to read? You can use up to three (3) skips per year, which will renew every year! To skip a month on your subscription, please email our customer service team on or before the 13th of each month at

Do all books come signed?

Our books may include signed tip-ins, stamped signatures, signed bookplates, or even digital signatures. This information will be included in every announcement or reveal post.

Our top priority is our authors’ comfortability and preferences, and we will do whatever best accommodates their time and abilities. Though we wish all of our books are hand-signed, not all authors are capable of doing the same signature types for every project, whether it’s for a monthly book inclusion (including series continuations) or an Opus collection.

Why don’t you replace damaged slip cases on your Opus Collections?

In the past, we saw a higher rate of books needing to be replaced and wanted to figure out a way to minimize these replacement numbers. We decided to add slip cases to each set to add an additional layer of protection during shipping. We know these boxes get slung around the different postal services and wanted to make sure the chances of replacements needed would be lower.

We do not charge extra for these slip cases and took the expense ourselves to take care of them. Since then, damages have significantly decreased! Due to these reasons, we do not replace slip cases but will replace damaged books within the cases.

I'm an indie author with an upcoming release, can I be considered for Fae Crate or the Opus Collection?

We love working with new authors and bringing stories to life with our special editions. We have submission forms for both Monthly Box inclusion and Opus Collection in our Instagram bio. Our submission forms are all-inclusive! We would love to amplify the voices of authors of color and queer authors. Right now, we consider submissionsbased on the following:

Monthly Box inclusion (form here):
☑️ Young Adult/NA/Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book (standalone or first in the series) releasing in 2024 or 2025

Opus Collection (form here):
☑️ NA/Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy series (completed or will be completed by 2025)

I missed some of the books, items, and Opus Collections! How often do you restock?

Once the crates and Opus Collections are sold out, we wouldn’t be restocking them unless we have the capability of doing it. In the event we decide to do a restock, an announcement will be made through social media and newsletters!

Oftentimes, we have extras after shipping each crate/Opus set. Once the final counts are done, a limited number will be added to a future Past Items Sale, which happens during the last two weeks of every the month.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support throughout the years! For any order-related concerns or inquiries, please send our CS Team an email at 💖

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