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The Sins of the Orc Exclusive Edition
The Sins of the Orc Exclusive EditionThe Sins of the Orc Exclusive Edition
Time to announce our next Opus Exclusive Edition! In anticipation for ORC-tober, we are so excited to share that we are creating an Exclusive Edition of THE SINS OF THE ORC by @authorfinleyfenn! If you’re in a mood for a dark and angsty M/M fantasy romance, then get ready to save the date! ✨

What to expect with these Exclusive Editions:

⚔️ Exclusive and all-new cover artwork by @twoshortswords
⚔️ Stunning foiling on the hardcover by @alicemariapower
⚔️ Gorgeous stamped edges
⚔️ A signed bookplate

👉🏻 These are estimated to ship in March/April 2023!

REMINDER: These are NOT YA books! As these are a part of our Opus Collection, these are in the NA/Adult Romance category!