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The Quatrefoil Chronicles Special Edition(s)
The Quatrefoil Chronicles Special Edition(s)The Quatrefoil Chronicles Special Edition(s)
We are so happy to announce that we have paired with Olivia Wildenstein and Katie Hayoz to bring you an exclusive edition of OF TAINTED HEART and a reprint of OF WICKED BLOOD! 🎉🎉
These editions of OF TAINTED HEART will have a cohesive exclusive emboss designed by @rachelbostickillustration to pair well with OF WICKED BLOOD along with a reversible dust jacket by @elionhardt, stamped edges, and a signed bookplate! Our reprint of OF WICKED BLOOD will be exactly the same as our original edition with a foiled hardcover, interior dust jacket artwork, stamped edges, and signed bookplate as well.
You will have two different options to purchase from:
✨The duology together priced at $45.99. This will come with two bookplates, one for each book!
✨OF TAINTED HEART by itself priced at $27.99. This will come with a single bookplate.
These editions are estimated to ship out in the month of March 2022! These will also be open pre-order for the rest of October and we will not cap the numbers until after the month concludes so that you all have a chance to finish your duology, if you already own Book 1, or to grab your set completed! 
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