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The Maiden Ship & The Lion of the Sea Fae Crate Special Editions
The Maiden Ship & The Lion of the Sea Fae Crate Special Editions

We are so excited to say that we are working with the amazing @whimsicalillustration on a reprint of The Maiden Ship along with a special edition of the sequel, The Lion of the Sea!!!

The Maiden Ship reprint will have the same perks as the previous edition including its emboss by @noverantale, inner dust jacket art by @whimsicalillustration herself and sprayed edges! The Lion of the Sea will ALSO include a new special emboss design by @noverantale along with new inner dust jacket art by @whimsicalillustration and sprayed edges! The color of this book and its sprayed edges will be different colors than the first and they look SPECTACULAR together. These will both come with signed bookplates by the author.

You have the option to either purchase The Lion of the Sea by itself at $19.99 or a set of both books together for $35.99.

These books will NOT be shipping upon The Lion of the Sea’s release date in February. These will be shipping late March/Early April.

The first week after November 20th will be a guaranteed buy of your books. We will not be deciding final numbers until after close of the first week after opening sales so don’t panic if you have work or need another week before payday!