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The Maiden Ship Exclusive Collection
The Maiden Ship Exclusive CollectionThe Maiden Ship Exclusive Collection

“I’m convinced that there’s never any harm in a little something to believe in.”

We are so excited to announce that we are working with the amazing @whimsicalillustration to bring you all the COMPLETE The Maiden Ship Exclusive Edition Collection! 🎉 We have loved creating exclusive editions for both The Maiden Ship and The Lion of the Sea and could not miss the chance to complete this trilogy with an exclusive edition of The Rightful Bearer. 

These Exclusive Editions include:
🌊Hardcover Editions
🌊Foiling on the hard case designed by @noverantale
🌊Interior Dust Jacket Artwork (Artist for TRB to be announced- Art on TMS & TLOTS are both created by @whimsicalillustration)
🌊Metallic Sprayed Edges

Both The Maiden Ship and The Lion of the Sea will be the same designs as previously sold! The Rightful Bearer will look stunning next to the previous two books with a cohesive emboss and color palette design!

We estimate these shipping out May/June 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are to complete these sets and see how the amazing story Micheline has woven shall end!