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Kingdom of Ash Hangover Recovery Kit

Kingdom of Ash Hangover Recovery Kit

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Just a few things about the KoA Book Hangover Crate:
This crate was curated to get you past your broken heart from finishing yet another sure to be a wonderful book by Queen Maas. It will include all of the necessities to recover from your Book Hangover.  This box WILL NOT INCLUDE THE BOOK. Instead, it will be full to the brim with EXCLUSIVE Throne of Glass merchandise!

We can't giveaway all of our hints now. Reveals will be coming(hope you're following us on Instagram). But we can give you a couple of tidbits to start you off with.
Things to note:
  • Our Artist, @gabriella.bujdoso , is already hard at work on a HUGE piece that we will be revealing at some point. It's going to be going on an equally large item that we might need to buy a bigger box for.
  • Since there's no book, we're having multiple LARGE pieces that you won't be able to find anywhere else because they are being made just for Fae Crate.

There will be a LIMITED NUMBER of boxes available so please do not hesitate! We don't want you to be disappointed by not getting one! These will be special edition boxes so the actual box itself will be a different design than our normal crates! Boxes will ship by October 23rd, 2018.

Please note: If you are a subscriber to Fae Crate, Book Hangover Boxes are not included in your subscription. 

Rep Coupons do not work for Special Edition crates due to the quantity and quality of products included.