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Darkdawn Book Hangover Recovery Kit in Collaboration with Jay Kristoff
Darkdawn Book Hangover Recovery Kit in Collaboration with Jay Kristoff

Calling All Droogs!

Welcome to the Book Hangover Recovery Kit for the end of the Nevernight Chronicles: Darkdawn! We have been working with @misterkristoff to create some awesome items for you guys and can't wait to share more! What we can tell you now:

🗡All copies of Darkdawn will be SIGNED and include a letter from the author!
🗡In Book Included boxes, you will have a booklet included that has DELETED SCENES by Jay himself! We are so grateful for this sneak peek into the Nevernight world!
🗡We will have a Mia Corvere Plushie!!
🗡For all Book Included crates we will have a FULL DUST JACKET SET for the entire series designed by none other than @nanfe1789

Dust Jacket Set and Deleted Scene will ONLY be included in the book included option! (These will be a decorative set and you will still be getting the original jacket for the book as well!)

Graphic made by the amazing


There will be a LIMITED NUMBER of boxes available so please do not hesitate! We don't want you to be disappointed by not getting one! A portion of all Hangover Boxes will be given to Saint Jude’s Hospital, or charity of the author’s choice. Boxes will ship within 2 weeks of the book release in September.

Please note: If you are a subscriber to Fae Crate, Book Hangover Boxes are not included in your subscription. 

Rep Coupons do not work for Special Edition crates due to the quantity and quality of products included, and charity donations.