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Dark Age Book Hangover Recovery Kit
Dark Age Book Hangover Recovery Kit

Holy Helldivers! 🐺

It’s another Hangover Recovery Kit! Did you guys really think we would forget about Dark Age by Pierce Brown? Slag. That. We’ve been working hard to get this boy-o approved for you guys!

-This box is available with or without the book. -
Please note that the with book option is slightly more than our usual due to the price of the book.

The Book will come with a signed bookplate AND exclusive author letter.

-There WILL be a plushie.

-If you get the WITH BOOK option, there will be something else exclusive that will come with that box. It will be awesome. You will want it. And we will tell you later on. (Suspense is good for the soul)

Until later, Howlers. 🐺



There will be a LIMITED NUMBER of boxes available so please do not hesitate! We don't want you to be disappointed by not getting one! A portion of all Hangover Boxes will be given to Saint Jude’s Hospital, or charity of the author’s choice. Boxes will ship within 2 weeks of the book release in July 2019.

Please note: If you are a subscriber to Fae Crate, Book Hangover Boxes are not included in your subscription. 

Rep Coupons do not work for Special Edition crates due to the quantity and quality of products included, and charity donations.