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August Crate: High Tide

The book for this month takes place in a world with villages on top of water and where beauty is the only way for a woman to leave it. A beautiful story of a sister’s love and how inner beauty is the real pearl inside it’s shell. It will come with a signed book plate and a letter from the author! 

Fandoms will include To Kill a Kingdom, King of Scars, Daughter of the Pirate King, The Wicked Deep and More! 

This box is all about the magic of water and the sea. Water has a magic quality and purity of life and this crate will have items to help immerse you into this gorgeous and lush world touched with pearls and romance. 

THE AUGUST BOXES WILL BE SHIPPING LATER IN THE MONTH THAN NORMAL. They will ship out roughly a week after our normal shipping time to match up with release dates.

This month features theme art from To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo and we are in AWE over it. 

The August Crate will be shipping the week of August 27th.


Jocelyn washes up on the shore of eighteenth century Ireland, alone, naked, and missing all of her memories. Taken in by a lonely old woman full of plots and schemes for the lovely yet enigmatic creature, Jocelyn knows only one thing. She longs for the sea with every ounce of her being. Yet it tried to kill her.Aidan Boyd loves two things. His ship and the sea. When Jocelyn is thrust upon his vessel in the midst of his superstitious crew, he finds himself intoxicated by her—willing to give up everything for her. He soon finds he cannot live without her.But something holds Jocelyn back. The whisper of another's love. The embrace of water. Does she belong to this world? Or could Jocelyn possibly be from the sea?


Our hearts are going on and on after seeing this month’s Polaroid featuring Nikolai and Zoya from the Grishaverse! @bucumber created this masterpiece for us and we are floored. Now Nikolai can be King of Scars... and the world. Our question is: would there be room for them both on the door? Or would Zoya knock him off and tell him to get his own door?


🧜🏽‍♀️ Ahoy, Land Lubbers! 🧜🏽‍♀️⁣⁣⁣August ‘High Tide’ Boxes hit digital shelves today and we can’t left it happen without your August Shirt Hint! Batten down your hatches because it’s going to be quite the tidal wave. (Yeah I know. I’m done with the nautical phrases.)⁣⁣⁣Our monthly shirts always have a fandom, but we make sure that anyone can wear them, even if you’re not familiar with the book. What’s your best guess at this month’s shirt?

Item/Vendor Reveal

We are so happy to be working with again on an item inspired by THE WICKED DEEP by @sheaernshaw 😍😍. We have seen the completed artwork and it is STUNNING.

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