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Covid-19 Virus Updates

As you all know, a bunch of changes are happening in our world currently involving the COVID-19 virus. We want to go ahead and contact you all and prepare for any situation that may arise in the future. As of now, we are unsure how these changes will impact Fae Crate and Bae Crate as there is something new happening every day.

-Here's the gist of things as we know them-

The United States is currently under a National Emergency that was announced recently. Flights from outside of the United States are being cancelled and banned which will affect some of our shipments, though we are unsure of which. We have been notified by some of our vendors that their postal services are closing down shipments until the end of March and will let us know when they can ship their items out. As of right now- our vendors in China are still working on our products and other than delays in being backed up, none have been cancelled. Meagan, Brittany, and the entire team, are currently dealing with our states closing stores, gatherings, schools closing, etc. A good deal of our team are mothers who will have children at home while working until the end of March at the very least.

We are concerned with the possibility of North Carolina, where our fulfillment center is located, facing the same issues soon. If that happens, it will play as another factor in shipping. As we mentioned, this has not happened yet. Many of the changes that are coming into play are happening very quickly and we are just having to roll with the punches. If or when any of these happen- we will update you all accordingly. We are 100% wanting this entire process to be as clear and transparent as possible with you all.

What most of this means is we are playing a lot of shipping by ear. What we can promise you is that every Fae Crate and Bae Crate WILL ship no matter what. This is not a question of funds or purchasing the items- it is just a question of when these products will be made and received. We have never failed on shipping a box and we do not plan to start here or ever. We will be updating you all regularly on which crates we believe will be impacted. We won’t be sending out emails constantly unless something major happens. However, we will post to social media with updates as we have them. And this blog post will be updated each time something new comes up. 

We know this is a huge info dump and no one likes to read about delays, us more than anyone. We want these packages our team has worked on to reach your hands very badly. We will continue to be transparent as we have always been to make sure you always know what is happening with your packages. Please be patient with our Customer Service Team as we are receiving a higher influx of emails than normal. Replacements of damaged items may also take more time during the end of this month and April as we will have back to back packages going out and our fulfillment center is not a huge one.

We wish everyone health and safety during this time. Things are very serious and scary in our world right now and we will all get through it together.

Current Updates

March Fae Crate

When first announcing these boxes we stated that these would ship early April due to the fact that we were getting the books custom made. This is still holding strong. We have checked in with our vendors and all items are still expected to ship out by the end of March to us. Depending on customs checking these packages, we will update you when all is received and when these will ship. China vendors are currently backed up from coming back from holiday so late but so far we have not had orders cancelled, production has just slowed.

**4/6/20 Update** The last two items are on their way and we are just waiting on them to arrive! Our shipping center is on standby and ready to pack up boxes when those two items have come in!

**4/14/20** We're waiting for the final item. It's in the US, and customs should be releasing them soon, but we don't have a date currently.

**4/22/20**All March Boxes have shipped.

Nameless Hangover Recovery Kits

We are still estimating these to ship in April. Our plushies are shipping out this month to us along with our pins and mystery item we have not revealed yet. Our dust jacket sets will ship out to us in April along with packaging and once we have it all together they will ship. So as of right now and granting that customs will not hold the plushies- we are expected to ship these in April.

**4/14/20 Update** We're waiting for the plushies to be released from customs! Customs is running extremely slow due to Covid-19, but we're sure they are doing the best they can. As soon as we recieve them, we will get the kits out to everyone!

**4/22/20** There has been no change on this currently.

**5/6/20** Aelin has arrived! We've sent out address updates to everyone so we can make sure everyone has the correct address on file.

**5/15/20** Nameless boxes have shipped!

April Fae Crate

It is still very early to tell on this but one vendor we are working with is based out of the Philippines and this is the vendor who alerted us that all mail is being halted until the end of March. This should not affect those items from getting to us on time though so we are still monitoring the postal situations moving forward to make sure these shipping pauses resume in April.

**4/22/20** Due to changes in book release dates, we've had to switch the book for the April box. This book has been revealed on social media, per usual. The release date for this book is May 5th, and unfortunately that will be the earliest we can ship this box.

**5/15/20** Last item is in the US now! We are hoping to be able to ship within a week. We will keep you updated as soon as we have a set date!

**6/3/20** We are still waiting on the last item, which should arrive by Friday, and we are expecting to start packaging these right after May Crates are shipped out! 

May bae Crate

We currently expect the May Bae Crate to ship on time.
**5/15/20** May boxes are being packaged now. They will be shipping by Monday, 5/18/20

May Fae Crate

We currently expect the May Fae Crate to ship on time.
**5/15/20** Everything seems to be moving well for this crate and we still expect it to ship within a week of the 20th of May. Unless anything major happens, we will have them to you guys soon!
**5/28/20**We are awaiting a few items that are in the hands of the postal gods, but should be arriving any day. If they arrive before the last April item, they *may* ship first. We are not holding any boxes from shipping if we have the items.
**6/3/20**  May Crates are being packaged now and are expected to ship by Wednesday, 6/10/20. 

Iron fey Hangover recovery kit

All items have shipped  but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were limited to shipping by sea and are currently waiting on the last few items to arrive.
**5/15/20** We have no update to the previous information on this box. Everything is on it's way to us but is untrackable until it reaches the US by boat. All shipping by plane from overseas has been halted, so all items were shipped by sea that were not already received. Only a couple of items are still in transit though.

International Boxes

**Added 4/22/20** 

There are multiple countries that are currently not accepting shipments or that we are unable to transport shipments to. If you're an international box is unable to accepted, USPS is marking them as Return to Sender. If we receive any boxes back , USPS has guaranteed that they will accept the package back for shipping once shipping lanes have reopened.

You can read more about what countries are currently listed and USPS's policies here.


  • Thank you for the updates! If we ordered a one time monthly box (did not select a specific month) what should we expect on the shipping time? Will we just receive one of the boxes that updates were given for above?

  • Hi Amber! We sent out an email about the charm bracelet being swapped with the hand sanitizer. It might have gone into your spam.

    Here’s a link to that newsletter for you— http://sh1.sendinblue.com/acvm80cir9t7e.html?t=1584555940

    Fae Crate
  • On the February box for faecrate said we were supposed to get a charm bracelet. Was the hand sanitizer supposed to replace. I was scrolling through updates and saw nothing in their about it.


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