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Covid-19 Virus Updates

Fae Crate & Bae Crate Covid-19 Virus Shipping Updates. All new updates will be added to this blog post as we know them.
As you all know, a bunch of changes are happening in our world currently involving the COVID-19 virus. We want to go ahead and contact you all and prepare for any situation that may arise in the future. As of now, we are unsure how these changes will impact Fae Crate and Bae Crate as there is something new happening every day.

-Here's the gist of things as we know them-

The United States is currently under a National Emergency that was announced recently. Flights from outside of the United States are being cancelled and banned which will affect some of our shipments, though we are unsure of which. We have been notified by some of our vendors that their postal services are closing down shipments until the end of March and will let us know when they can ship their items out. As of right now- our vendors in China are still working on our products and other than delays in being backed up, none have been cancelled. Meagan, Brittany, and the entire team, are currently dealing with our states closing stores, gatherings, schools closing, etc. A good deal of our team are mothers who will have children at home while working until the end of March at the very least.

We are concerned with the possibility of North Carolina, where our fulfillment center is located, facing the same issues soon. If that happens, it will play as another factor in shipping. As we mentioned, this has not happened yet. Many of the changes that are coming into play are happening very quickly and we are just having to roll with the punches. If or when any of these happen- we will update you all accordingly. We are 100% wanting this entire process to be as clear and transparent as possible with you all.

What most of this means is we are playing a lot of shipping by ear. What we can promise you is that every Fae Crate and Bae Crate WILL ship no matter what. This is not a question of funds or purchasing the items- it is just a question of when these products will be made and received. We have never failed on shipping a box and we do not plan to start here or ever. We will be updating you all regularly on which crates we believe will be impacted. We won’t be sending out emails constantly unless something major happens. However, we will post to social media with updates as we have them. And this blog post will be updated each time something new comes up. 

We know this is a huge info dump and no one likes to read about delays, us more than anyone. We want these packages our team has worked on to reach your hands very badly. We will continue to be transparent as we have always been to make sure you always know what is happening with your packages. Please be patient with our Customer Service Team as we are receiving a higher influx of emails than normal. Replacements of damaged items may also take more time during the end of this month and April as we will have back to back packages going out and our fulfillment center is not a huge one.

We wish everyone health and safety during this time. Things are very serious and scary in our world right now and we will all get through it together.

Current Updates

We Free the stars

**4/22/21** We have been made aware there was a sizing mishap regarding the dust jackets included and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience! We are currently working with the publisher to have this issue resolved and will post updates to our social media pages and here once we have more information. An email will be going out to everyone who purchased the We Free the Stars Hangover Recovery Kit once a resolution has been made. 

Blessed Monsters

**6/28/21** All kits were shipped out on Friday, 6/25. We are in the process of having the damaged dust jackets reprinted! Once the reprint is completed, we will send a second package to everyone who purchased a Blessed Monsters Mini Hangover Recovery Kit. At this time, we do not have an estimated date for when the reprinted dust jackets will arrive at our center, but we will continue to post updates. Thank you again for your incredible patience with us while we worked to get these out to you! 

April fae Crate

**7/21/21** All the April Fae Crate orders were shipped out and should be arriving soon! If you have questions regarding your tracking information or any damaged/missed items, please contact our Customer Service Team at 

May Fae Crate Item Change

**4/8/21** Earlier in the week, we announced that we would no longer be including certain fandoms moving forward. Unfortunately, past months like April and March were not able to be changed, as those items have already been purchased. But we were able to switch the fandom item for the May Crates! After talking with one of our incredible May artists, they were able to accommodate the last minute commission! While this item may be minor, it is important, as it will be the first of a new collection series! We want to make sure you all loved the item and fandom, and we really want it to start with a strong foot forward. While changes on this commission are currently being made, the May Crates will be slightly delayed due to the item being completed and ordered later than they were originally planned. We felt having a different fandom to ensure our followers were comfortable and happy with the new collection was more important than keeping the shipping date on track. We are super excited to share this new collection with you and will be announcing it soon!
**5/21/21** Our last item for the new collection series is being packed and will be shipping out to us any day. We cannot wait to share these with you! We will post updates when we have an estimated arrival date for these!
**6/3/21** We received an update from the publishing company that the books included in our May box are slightly delayed. We've been informed that the books should arrive soon. We are currently still waiting on our last item to arrive. Once we have both the book and our new item from our Apothecary Collection, these boxes will be packed and shipped out! 
**6/10/21* We have been informed by the publisher that while the books were supposed to be delivered already, unfortunately, they are experiencing some delays with these editions. The shipment date has been pushed back by two weeks. Once we have the new shipment date we will let everyone know!
**6/28/21** We've received the books from the publisher! We are still waiting on the last small item, which we expect to arrive by the time April Fae boxes are shipped out. 
**7/8/21** At this time, we have not received the last small item yet. It appears that all the June box items will be in by the time April Fae boxes are shipped out. If so, our Center will be packing up those boxes, and then the May boxes will follow immediately after. 
**7/14/21** We have received the last item! Our center will be packing these up after all the April boxes are shipped out. A newsletter has been sent out today to everyone who purchased a May and/or June box to double-check your shipping address. If you need any assistance with checking your address please contact our Customer Service Team at and provide your order number. 
**7/21/21** Our Center is currently packing these up. Once these are ready to be shipped out you will receive the tracking email. Please note, the tracking usually takes 24-48 hours to update once it leaves our Center. 

Nichan Smile

**6/3/21** Just a reminder that while the book has been released, these were not expected to ship out till late June/early July, per our Sales Page.  
**6/28/21** These were originally scheduled to ship in late June/early July, with delays happening at customs stations & pickup delays, we are expecting these to ship mid to late July for the time being.
**7/9/21** Due to shipping vessel delays, we are now expecting these to arrive late July. Once those have been received by our fulfillment center we will be able to announce a shipping date! 
**7/21/21** Unfortunately, the special editions are still making their way to us. We will let everyone know once we receive them and when we expect the shipping date to be. We sincerely appreciate your patience during these times! 

June Box

** 6/22/21** Unfortunately, we are still waiting on a couple of items for this box, one of which is still stuck in customs. We've had a few delays across the board these last few months due to overbooked shipping vessels, backed up customs ports, shipping companies picking up from ports, etc. We have been navigating these delays as best we can and are so grateful for you all being so patient! 

Our Center is currently packing up the Blessed Monster Kits, April Bae Crate boxes will be next, and then April Fae and May Fae boxes will most likely follow next. We are hoping that we will have received all the items for the June boxes by the time our May Fae Crates are shipped out. But as always, we will continue to post updates as we have them!  
**6/28/21** We are still waiting on a couple of items, but hopefully will have them by the time May Fae or Nichan Smile orders are shipped out. We will continue to post updates! 
**7/8/21** One of the last items we were waiting on has cleared customs! It appears we may have all of the June items before we receive the last May item. Our Center will be packing up and preparing the June orders after all the April Fae orders are shipped out if that is the case. As soon as the April Fae orders are shipped out, we will post an update regarding which box will be shipping out next!
**7/14/21** Our Center will be packing up the May boxes before the June boxes, as we are still waiting for the last June item to arrive at our Center.  A newsletter has been sent out today to everyone who purchased a May and/or June box to double-check your shipping address. If you need any assistance with checking your address please contact our Customer Service Team at and provide your order number. 

JulY fae Crate

**7/21/21** We currently are still waiting on a few of the items for the July box. Our Center is packing up the May boxes and then will be working on the June boxes next! We are hopeful that all the July items will be in by the time the June boxes are shipped out. 

Wings of Shadow

**7/21/21** These were scheduled to ship out two weeks after the books release date. Unfortunately, we are waiting on the last item to arrive at customs and then it will still need to clear before we receive an estimated arrival date. But once we have confirmation that the item is on the way to us we will be sure to post updates! 

Gods & Monsters 

**7/21/21**In the preorder announcement, these were set to ship out in August and we are currently still on track for that. Once we have a definite shipping out date we will be sure to post updates.

International Boxes

**Added 4/22/20** 

There are multiple countries that are currently not accepting shipments or that we are unable to transport shipments to. If you're an international box is unable to accepted, USPS is marking them as Return to Sender. If we receive any boxes back , USPS has guaranteed that they will accept the package back for shipping once shipping lanes have reopened.

You can read more about what countries are currently listed and USPS's policies here.

Fae Crate & Bae Crate


  • Thank you for the updates! If we ordered a one time monthly box (did not select a specific month) what should we expect on the shipping time? Will we just receive one of the boxes that updates were given for above?

  • Hi Amber! We sent out an email about the charm bracelet being swapped with the hand sanitizer. It might have gone into your spam.

    Here’s a link to that newsletter for you—

    Fae Crate
  • On the February box for faecrate said we were supposed to get a charm bracelet. Was the hand sanitizer supposed to replace. I was scrolling through updates and saw nothing in their about it.


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