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August 2024 Theme

Exclusive Book + Cover Reveal

August Theme: Bloodlines

We are so thrilled to reveal that our August theme is “Bloodlines” and these crates are filled with stories of witchcraft, power, and reclaiming one’s story!

Our featured book of the month is the first book in a gothic, dark academia paranormal romance about a woman raised to be a weapon for revenge against a group of witches who took away their family’s birthright. She needs to find a way to get what she needs, even if it means seducing a man she loathes, before the ghosts and sinister secrets that lurk within the walls devour her first.

You’ll love this book if you’re into:
🩸 Enemies-to-lovers, forbidden romance, and tension
🩸 Jealous & possessive Villain MCs (touch her and you die, ok?)
🩸 Witches, Vampires & Demons
🩸 Steam and spice with a delicious payoff 🔥🔥🔥

We're very happy to announce that we will also be making a Fae Crate Exclusive Edition of the SEQUEL in the future! Everyone who will purchase this month's crate will have early access when that time comes!

These will also be FULL FAE CRATE EXCLUSIVES with:
🌹 An EXCLUSIVE ALL-NEW cover with dust jacket foiling details by @_saintdri
🌹 Exclusive hardcover emboss with foiling accents by @thebitterseason
🌹 Exclusive digitally printed page edges designed by @_saintdri
🌹 Digitally signed tip-in page

Fandoms this month include Powerless, The Once and Future Witches, A Lesson in Vengeance, and Fathomfolk! This crate will also include a large item your bookshelf will love designed by @azura.arts! This month’s Seelie and Solitary Fae (shirt only) Crate fandom is Lightlark by Alex Aster!

If you’re a current Unseelie subscriber who wants to grab our shirt for the month, please email us at so we can upgrade your subscription to a Seelie Crate!

📦 NOTE ON SHIPPING: These crates are estimated to ship in September 2024!

Stunning artwork of our featured book’s leading characters by the amazing @gabriella.bujdoso! Be sure to follow her for more of her works!

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